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Knowing the Winstrol Cycle

Winstrol has been around for a long time and it was a veterinary drug and was never tested for human use and hence not a easily available anabolic steroid but now it is found online and many have found it be a useful cutting steroid. It is used just before the competitive season begins. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have found winstrol. Winstrol has been used by both men and women and have got fantastic results.Use winstrol at end of the cutting cycle.

Winstrol is found in injectable and pill forms. Women who are able to tolerate low doses of winstrol can reap benefits of its potential in giving a perfect definition to your physique. With the beginning dose as low as 10mg per day which veteran users increase to 50mg. But it is safer to stick to a gradual increase and observe how the body cope with the change.

A male winstrol cycle is about six to eight weeks, beginning with 50mg per day. There is a breakdown of bioavailability from the liver if taken in the oral form hence you must consider its half life while consuming the dosage.

The prolonged usage after a stipulated cycle period will result in liver toxicity which is dangerous for the user and giving it time to recover after every cycle will help it return to normalcy. Winstrol help# in hardening of the muscles and give them the toned and chiselled look. Use winstrol at end of the cutting cycle.

Uses of winstrol
  • It is used for improving athletic performance.
  • It is a good cutting steroid
  • It helps retain the gains.
  • It helps in increasing strength and speed.
  • Helps in hardening the muscles.
  • It keeps the fat levels low.
  • Improves vascularity

Though rarely used for bulking, as it is used as a cutting steroid. It can be a 50mg dose per day at the far end of the cycle, if used during bulking. But during the cutting phase 50mg is used per day and is maintained throughout the cycle for a period of six to eight weeks after which winstrol usage may be toxic for the liver, other issues may also crop up too.

When a professional bodybuilding persons use winstrol they may take a large dosage for a period of ten to a fortnight of 100mg to give that impressive hard definitive muscled physique. Which is definitely not recommended for other users? Athletes take low doses ranging from 20-25mg to get the required benefits such as the strength and endurance but not the additional size. Women may take a 10mg dosage if they can hold onto the drugs effects, the virilisation effects can be seen if taken more than the prescribed dosage.

Side effects of winstrol
  • Increase in the cholesterol.
  • A decrease in testosterone production
  • Toxicity of the liver.
  • Male patterned baldness is observed in men.
  • In women virilisation is seen such deepening of voice, enlargement of the clitoris, hair growth all over the body including facial hair.
Winstrol has been used many a time by athletes thought it is banned in any competitive sports. But many sportsmen use to enhance their performance. Fitness enthusiasts all over the world have found winstrol very useful for the stacking cycles and the advanced winstrol products available online have made it easier to procure and use.

There are now various authentic sites that give you reviews and testimonials on how to use winstrol and which brands have better potential.
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