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Live With Your Dream Before Taking A Plunge Further

Everybody has a dream close to his heart. Having said that, we mean, once your school is over, you are to pass through the tiring job of applying with a bunch of colleges of your choice for admission. This indeed takes a toll on your nerves. On the flip side, it is the high time to live your dreams too.

Your dream of taking up some charity work and pursue a course that you love most, for instance, that essentially unfold a lot of prospects and life changing opportunities before you. Therefore, it is the best time for thinking about taking a gap year after you have secured the admission with a good college.
Why take a year gap:
  • Opportunity to unwind: A gap year after the school often appears like a boon especially when you feel exhausted and done with the academic pressure. The gap gives you to pursue things that are close to your heart and relax. Therefore, it is an ideal time when the creativity in you takes the centre stage in your life.  
  • Opportunity to learn new things: Having 365 days to your credit, you have the scope to learn new things beyond the periphery of the academic studies such as the sailing or rowing, pottery and sculpture making, photography and others that you like most. In short, taking a gap year, you have the opportunity to follow your true passion.
  • Gearing up for the next: Doing things that are less important actually makes you happy. You will feel rejuvenated and also will be future ready.
What you lose taking a gap year: 

If you are thinking about taking a gap year, you must give a serious thought to a couple things such as the following. After all, when you take an informed decision, you feel blessed in life. The onus to mention that it is your own expectation that makes you unhappy.
  • Loss of 365 days: The loss of 365 days is something that would run in your mind and none can deny the fact that those days will never come back to your life. But, your loss doesn't go in vain considering your gains here.
  • Loss of opportunities: With each passing year, the competition is building up. Hence, there is no scope to deny that you put yourself behind in the race taking a gap year here.
  • Missing out on career advancement: You lose opportunities in your career advancement too as you start late in your profession. But, you must not compare yourself with others since everybody is in his own time zone. For instance, Barack Obama retires at 55 but Donald Trump starts at 70.
All those put together indicates that it is essentially your ingenuity that would help you in thinking about taking a gap year or not bespoke to your priorities in life. Having said that, we mean, like the five fingers of your hand, you are an individual and different from others.

Therefore, you deserve a freedom to make choices affecting the rest of your life. On a holistic basis, it is good to take a gap year with a view to taking a holiday from your seriousness.
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