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Six Things Your Google Local Page Absolutely Must Have

One of the fastest ways to build your online reputation and see your business grow is with the use of a local page on Google. This provides local customers with all the information that they need before coming in for a visit or contacting you with any questions. Google lists that page at or near the top of the search results too. While this page will be separate from your home page and any social media accounts that you run, but you may need help knowing exactly what to include on that page.


Your local page should absolutely include the address of your business. This is especially important if you have a corporate office in one location and a retail shop in another or when you have multiple shops in the same area. You'll want to include a map, which you can add from Google, to help customers more easily find your location. Adding directions is also important for companies located in out of the way or hard to find locations. You can include directions to your location from different starting points and include local landmarks that visitors might pass.

Customer Reviews

You might worry about giving customers the chance to leave reviews on your page because you wonder about what some might say, especially after having a negative experience online or in person. Adding this option to a local page though can show prospective customers how they felt about working with you and encourage them to try you out. Google will put those reviews in an order from the most recent to the oldest ones posted and will let customers view reviews based on star rating or other factors. Those looking at your page can also see the average star rating of all reviews received.

Social Media Links

When working with a company like Bluehat Marketing, you might hear about the benefits of using social media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest make it easy for you to connect with your customers. You can use these sites to run contests, tell customers about upcoming sales and promotions and even show off photos of new products. As you work on your local page, make sure that you include links to all your social media accounts. Customers can use those accounts to get in touch with you and share experiences with others.

Hours of Operation

Not including the hours of operation is a major mistake that some business owners make. If you ever went out to eat after a long day and arrived to find your favorite restaurant closed, you know how frustrating that experience was. Some customers will feel so annoyed when they arrive past closing that they never come back. Those searching the web for information may decide to visit a different business because they do not know when your business is open. Your page should include your hours of operation every day of the week, any days that you are closed and any special hours you have around the holidays or other dates.


Adding photos to your local page is an easy way to give customers an idea of what they can expect when visiting your business in person. If you own a retail shop like a clothing store, comic book store or even convenience store, add photos of the outside of your building as well as photos taken inside your store. Use those photos to show some of the displays that you have in place as well as the products on your shelves.

Contact Information

Do not make the same mistake that other business owners made and forget to include any contact information on your local page. Contact information should include your physical address, an email address and a phone number. You can even list different email addresses and phone numbers to call with questions about shipping, products that are in stock or general information. Customers will use that information to get answers to their questions before coming in for a visit. When creating a local page on Google, you should include key pieces of information like how to contact you, directions and social media links.
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