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5 Things To Know When You Want To Begin Yoga

Are you thinking of enrolling in Yoga classes or self-learn your way to glorious well-being? Every advanced practitioner was once a beginner and if you're looking for top tips for making the best out of yoga techniques, you've come to the right place. At CultFit, we emphasize on developing good habits from the very beginning which seamlessly take you all the way to the end.

Here are five things to be aware of when beginning yoga.

1. Yoga Is A Lifestyle

Yoga is not a one-time merry affair or something you do once in a while. Yoga is to be integrated with life and not only limited to your physique but also to your mind and soul. To gain the full benefits of yoga, you must learn to live mindfully, breathe, and meditate every day or as frequent as possible.

You must also watch what you eat. Eat lean meats, eliminate sugars, and up your intake of fruits and vegetables. Your yogic lifestyle must be complemented with healthy dietary habits as the food you eat will determine the shape and tone of your mind, body, and soul.

2. Begin with The Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation flexes all your muscles and prepares your body for upcoming asanas. It's a warmup pose and even yoga for beginners modules begin with this. We also salute the sun as it imbues our souls with life-giving energy and there is more cultural and historical significance to the Surya Namaskar than you think.

3. Early Morning Is Ideal

Practice waking up at 4 AM every day as this is the ideal time to practice yoga. Yoga class begin after 6 AM so treating yourself to a round of the Surya Namaskar and a couple meditation or breathing sessions should be a no-brainer before beginning everyday life. Mornings are free of the noises and clutter which make them ideal for yoga practices.

Beginning your day with the Surya Namaskar out in the open will awaken your inner consciousness and bring gratitude to daily life. Affirm your thoughts, convey your goals, and wake up before sunrise as this time is considered auspicious and called Brahma Muhurta ("time of God") when the spirits roam the Earth and instill stillness and creative tone.

4. Greeting Your Peers

When meeting up every day at a yoga class or in outings with fellow yoga aficionados, be sure to greet them with a namaste. Talking with your hands is a common ritual and courtesy extended beyond the borders of your class or workstation.

5. Practice The Plank And The Chaturanga Poses

Every advanced pose begins with an extension of the plank pose so if any pose is key, it's definitely this one for sure. Plank poses build up strength and provide the necessary practice required for executing complex postures from other asanas. The Chaturanga pose builds awareness in its own right and should not be treated as a transitional pose but rather a stand-alone pose followed up by the plank.


Begin with the end in mind. Practice with awareness, mindfulness, and seek out an expert practitioner especially if you're a beginner in yoga. The CultFit Yoga for beginners is ideal if you're new to Yoga and we recommend trying out their classes if you've never experienced the vitality and well-being yoga offers.

By working alongside an expert mentor, you will be synchronizing your breaths with your movements and achieve proper form and stability, aspects which are often overlooked by those who try self-learning yoga for beginners.


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