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Why choose India for knee surgery

Knee replacement surgery also goes by the name of knee arthroplasty. Normally performed on patients who are victims of psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis, it helps them to return back to challenging activities like sports, or swimming within a shorter span of time. A majority of people who have had this surgery have experience better mobility in their knees.
It is a discovery of modern medicine. You should opt for this form of surgery if you are facing arthritis in your knees. It has literally puts hundreds of people back on their toes and given them a long life.

Preparation for this surgery
  • If you are smoking or drinking then cut down on it. The reason of it is that it slows down your blood patterns and slows the recovery process. It is suggested to refrain from alcohol before 48 hours of surgery
  • The doctor is going to conduct an evaluation a couple of weeks before the surgery. Possible risks will be evaluated and a clearance will be given by the surgeon if you are able to go under the knife.
  • Several part of tests like blood tests or X rays are common before the surgery
  • You can discuss with your surgeon on all medications you are taking before the surgery. Certain medications will be stopped or a temporary tab will be kept on them.
The recovery phase

The recovery procedure tends to vary with each individual. For close to 4 weeks you would need a walker to move around. In a couple of weeks you can drive a car. Most of the people are able to resume hard core activities like playing or swimming within 12 weeks after the surgery is over. But active form of sports like jogging is a strict no.

Once discharged there is no need to opt for a nursing home. If a patient leaves alone they would need to spend some time at the rehab centre before they are directed towards their home. This is though dependant on how you progress in the hospital. Do keep in mind that the healing process tends to vary with each person.

Why India

Cost of knee surgery in India can be compared to the lowest in the world. Coupled with the fact that most of the advanced countries there is a long waiting list. In India this is hardly the case as you get admitted on one day and the surgery is performed in the next few days
  • The health care sector is under the stringent control of the government. With regards to this policies and procedures for superior levels of health care is assured. Very rarely you will see any advertisement on any print and visual media. If you compare it to the other South east Asian hubs like Singapore or Thailand India stands way ahead in terms of quality manpower
  • The knee replacement India cost when you compare it to US and UK assures savings to the margin of 50 %.
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