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All You Need To Know About The Cloud400 Online Backup

Cloud400 Online Backup is the new evolution for disaster recovery solutions. In times of disaster, waiting for your system recovery can take days. But Source Data Products is aiming to make a change to this traditional process. Now, you will not need to bring your backup data tape to the data center anymore.

With the new innovation from Source Data Products, you get the infrastructure that you need, the recovery is faster than what you were used to, and the business will be back up and running in no time. So here are the important facts that you need to know about the Cloud400 Online Backup.

 iSeries cloud backup

The Cloud400 Online Backup

The Cloud400 Online Backup is the newest technology that can save your backup and send it through the internet to the company’s offsite data center. At your location, the Cloud400 will install a Virtual Tape Library or a VTL. the VTL is similar to the IBM Power or the iSeries cloud backup. This is a RAID disk system that comes with a 4 to 20+ TB disk storage. With RAID, you know that failure is not an option.

Because of this, you will now have a fully-integrated cloud and backup system for your data disaster recovery that is ready for you to use anytime. Here, you would be able to recover everything when disaster hits. From your data files and even your applications. Everything will be made available for you which will be very important for your business.

How Long Will The Recover Process Take?

Unlike other companies who offer recovery processes which take days for the recovery to be completed, the Cloud400 Online Backup lets you recover your files in such a short time. Just give it 6 to 24 hours and your everything will be back in business mode. No more need to wait for days a whole weekend.

Is Cloud400 Safe?

In order to keep your data protected, the OS400 is the most secure operating system anywhere in the world. It incorporates DOD or Department of Defense security. The OS 400 V7R1 has file encryption on the disk. Another thing is, your Virtual Private Network or VPN access is secure with an encryption to effectively protect your connection between the Cloud400 and your users.

Why Choose the Cloud400 Online Backup?

The Cloud400 Online Backup is better than your recovery system. This is faster and restoring is quicker compared to the ones done by tape. You will have an offsite backup at the Cloud400 data center. This will give you an access to remotely recover in less than 24 hours. This is way much faster and convenient compared to a traditional hot site, an overnight tape or a replacement server which takes more than 3 days to complete.

With the Cloud400 Online Backup, you know that your system is protected and secured. No other company is able to match the speed, the security, as well as the efficiency of the Cloud400 Online Backup. So what are you waiting for? Get this new recovery system solution today!
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