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Fourbucket list vacations ideas

For most of us if we could quit working, pack our bags and hit the road, the idea of travelling the world and experiencing all it has to offer is very attractive. Unfortunately travel costs money and it takes time and as such we are limited to where we can go, how often we can go and how grand the trip is once it is all planned and in place. That’s why we have bucket lists - so that over our lifetimes we can target a few key trips and moments which we can maximise to the fullest. Here are four ideas that you might want to look at adding to your list.

Scenery, Cycling and Style

Find yourself a Tour de France hospitality package and jet off to Europe to watch what is possibly the world’s greatest sporting event. In the brutal surrounds of the scenic Alps, the world’s top cyclists duel it out over two weeks for cycling’s ultimate title. It is an unrelenting physical challenge that is great to watch due to its unique roadside spirit and its proximity to the riders. There are also options to follow the tour and ride bits of it yourself on your own bike – nothing like the whole thing, and you don’t get to race with the professionals, but it gives you a genuine insight into their world and makes for an incredible holiday.

Canal Boating

Something a little more languid than our first option, canal boating in England is a properly old school trip that ensures you get out of your comfort zone and see the incredible English countryside from a unique vantage. The boats cruise rivers in Shakespeare country or move through tributaries of London’s famous Thames. Along the way you navigate through locks and keys and you stop as and when you please to sample the incredible range of beer and pub food that is found all along the way. It’s a trip that works for the whole family or as an intimate getaway for two.

Let’s Get Physical  
How about committing to something a little physical and going for it. We are talking hiking and the opportunity to conquer a mountain or arrive at something a little out of the way and challenging. How about climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain? It’s definitely a sports challenge but it is an achievable one. Or doing the walk to the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. It’s not easy, but again, it’s achievable. Planned properly there are people who will guide you, carry your bags and prepare your meals. All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the views.

The Real Land Down Under

Nope, we are not talking Australia. Get Antarctica onto your bucket list and start saving. Boat trips to the bottom of the world are costly but they are well worth it – and the joys of ice bergs and glaciers and penguins and freezing cold temperatures might all be gone within a generation. Trips to Antarctica typically depart from Argentina. Unlike some of the other options on this list the Antarctic is changing rapidly and with global warming happening as it is, the opportunity to tick this off your bucket list might be gone very soon. 
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