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3 ways to ensure you gain a first-class degree

A quarter of students attending a UK university will gain a first class degree. That being said, achieving this outstanding level cannot be accomplished without lots of hard work, the use of effective study strategies and an ongoing commitment to succeed. Whatever subject you study, whether it is law or sport, here are three general tips that will apply to every subject area.

#1 Research 

Attending all lectures and completing the minimum amount of reading won’t deliver the first class results that you expect. Although attending your classes is important, it is the hours outside of university that will really matter.

If you look at your course handbook, the number hours that you are expected to cover each week is quite high. Depending on the course of study it could be as many as 40 hours a week, with 22 hours spent in classes and a further 18 spent on independent study. Getting a first class degree isn’t luck or some minor miracle, it is a result of hard work, consistently throughout the duration of your degree.

One of the best strategies is to focus on research. This doesn’t mean reading your academic textbooks cover to cover though in one session. This won’t work and you will forget most of what you read.

Split your time into short, manageable sessions, bookmark relevant websites, set alerts for topics of interest and keep up to date with developments in your industry. Over time as you gain different perspectives, you will be able to craft well balanced, critical essays that explore a topic in detail. Your essay writing will become stronger and your academic skills more refined.

When it comes to your studies, the library should be one of your favourite places. While online journals are great, the best grades are awarded for students who really go the extra mile and make an effort to use a number of different resources.

#2 Choose a topic that interests you 

The whole point of studying a degree is to develop your knowledge in a particular field, whether it is science, language or technology and the worst thing that you can do is to focus on a subject that you are not really interested in. That being said, it isn’t going to follow that every assignment you will be given is going to be super interesting, but try to choose topics where possible that really interest you.

The more interested you are, the more inspiring your written work will be. As you progress through your studies, and you explore certain concepts, topics and ideas, note down any that really interest you. This will be really beneficial when it comes to writing your dissertation.

#3 Commitment 

Being awarded a first class degree isn’t easy. You will need to put in maximum effort. Students who receive a first have a genuine interest in achievement and they consistently do their best throughout the year. Maintaining good grades all year round requires meticulous planning, organisational skills and certainly not leaving your assignment until a couple of days before it is due.

There are lots of ways that you can achieve a first class degree, but above all you have to be dedicated and willing to put in 100% effort, not only in your essays but also when it comes to thinking how to write my dissertation.
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