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Regular Plumbing Inspections: A Necessity Or A Nuisance?

Every construction has a history inside its walls. Whether if it is an old or new place, each centimeter counts a fragment of its existence. In that case, it is not about the sentimental fact that we tend to print to the place we live in, but of the maze of pipes hiding inside the walls. Every construction has a complicated conducts system which is not visible at plain sight. That way, it is evident that when one single part breaks, it affects the entire system regardless how simple the issue may be. Its effects are dully felt in every centimeter of the mechanism. This reaffirms the relevance of maintaining a regular plumbing inspection of the piping system.

When we acquire a house, every detail counts. Generally, we tend to notice that it is located in a good neighborhood, the amount of rooms it has, the cost and other interesting facts. What we usually don’t check is the state of the water system circulation and of its pipes. In many occasions, people end up regretting this type of mistakes because they come at a great cost. Nevertheless, after we inherit a house with very old pipes, it is essential to do regularly plumbing inspections.

Through this type of inspections, we can determine in time, a countless number of deficiencies and then prevent any major outcomes. Strategies such as checking the water meter after 2 hours of no water usage can help to determine a leak. Catching a pipe leak in time can prevent harmful infections such as mole and termites in the house. Also checking all the faucets, toilets and shower heads to make sure that water is running properly and is not blocked can help to determine the existence of any obstacles or sediments in the pipes. Either way, although we conduct these plumbing inspections on a regular basis, it is important to know that pipes have to be changed every more less 50 or 60 years depending on the material.

It is usual to find old houses that generally have lead or copper pipes which tend to cause serious health diseases because of the probable galvanic corrosion associated with the usage of this type of pipes. When this occurs, it is important to replace the entire piping system with one fit for the house. Only then, it is possible to have water free of contaminations. This types of situations can be avoided through plumbing inspections previous to acquiring a new place.

There are also some types of people who don’t want to do plumbing inspections because of the cost that they produce on his/her economy. These persons are clearly not aware that money invested in the maintenance of the piping system can have very beneficial effects in the future. In fact, these can prevent permanent damages which can actually lead to the entire replacement of the piping system, which is truly expensive. Therefore, by having regular plumbing inspection can be a miraculous action for any house.

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