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Treatments and side effects of Breast cancer

Breast cancer is such a disease that occurs mainly in case of women and very rarely in men. The most symptoms of breast cancer are a formation of lumps in the breast, change in the shape of the breast or changes in case of the texture of the nipples and also bloody discharge from the nipples. The treatment of this disease depends on which stage the cancer is and it generally consists of radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and surgery. It is treatable by medical professionals. To cure breast cancer you will need medical diagnosis and lab tests and imaging as soon as possible (in the early stages of cancer).

What is the treatment for curing breast cancer?

It is always the best idea to evaluate all your options before bedding on which treatment procedure you want to go through in order to cure breast cancer. There are options available and they generally depend on which stage of cancer the patient is in. Also get a second option about the treatment plans as it will provide a mental satisfaction. There are many best treatment for Breast Cancer in India.


To deal with breathing cancer one of the most valid options is surgery. There is the breast-conserving surgery or lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, mastectomy. Surgery is the first option that people usually prefer when it comes to breast cancer.


Another valid option is chemotherapy which is treatment based on using anti-cancer drugs which helps in destroying cancer cells. Chemotherapy is usually applied on those patients who are in their secondary breast cancer stage that is when the cancer cells have made their way to other parts of the body. In case of primary breast cancer, chemotherapy is after surgery as it helps in reducing the risk of cancer coming back.


In case of primary breast cancer patients, they are treated with radiotherapy. This treatment uses high energy X-rays that are carefully measured and controlled. Since the cancer is in the primary stage, this will help to destroy the cancer cells that might be left behind in the breast area after a surgery. Radiotherapy is indeed a special treatment and you will not find it in all hospitals. This treatment is carried out by therapeutic radiographers.

Hormonal therapy

The process in which hormone receptor-positive breast cancers are treated is known as hormone therapy. The medicine works are two ways. First, it helps in lowering the quantity of estrogen in the body. Secondly, it helps in blocking the action of estrogen on the affected cells. You should remember that hormonal therapy medicines are effective again hormone receptor-negative breast cancer.

What are the side effects of breast cancer treatment?

Both kinds of temporary and long-term side effects are their due to these breast cancer treatments. These side effects include fatigue, headaches, pain and numbness, lymphedema, bone loss, and osteoporosis. The patient might also face infertility, sexual difficulties, cataracts, heart problems. There are also certain cases in which might cause memory loss abs cognitive functions. There is a chance that new cancer cells might again affect your body. Sometime there may be problems regarding dental issues and musculoskeletal symptoms. The patient may also face menopausal symptoms and also an absence of menstrual periods. There are several good places in India that will provide you with cure for Breast Cancer in India.

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