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Man is totally dependent on nature for all his essential needs. We require food that comes from plants and trees, shelter provided in the form of supply of wood, water from water cycles if we have received good rains and the most important, oxygen without which we cannot think of surviving even for a second.

This close relationship between man and nature is delicately balanced by all the living organisms that are part of the ecosystem. Any imbalance created between various life forms disrupts food chains and causes imbalance in the ecosystem. 
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Let us explore the role of trees in the natural world. It is already known that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon-di-oxide. That is, we take in oxygen into our bodies and give out carbon-di-oxide through a process called respiration. 

Ever wondered who is taking in all these carbon dioxide and what is being done with it? Yes, it is the trees that take in all the available carbon di oxide and exhale oxygen. Trees require carbon do oxide and water molecules to prepare glucose and emit oxygen. 

This process is called photosynthesis and can only occur in the presence of sunlight. So, now we know the vital role trees play and also come to understand why trees are required at all. 


Let us now begin with the importance of trees. If we look at the vast amounts of gifts that trees have provided us, we would be totally dumbstruck! Nature gives us food to eat. 

All the cereals and pulses from which we draw our energy and carbohydrates are naturally provided by trees and plants around us. The fruits and vegetables that are loaded with plenty of good vitamins and minerals come naturally from trees and plants. 

The question to ponder upon is whether we can survive without food. The answer is obviously no and for all our food needs we need trees and plants around us. 

Trees are the main source of wood. The decorative furniture that looks elegant and turns our homes into a place of luxury is all products of trees. The books and papers we see everywhere are also got from trees only. Rubber is obtained from the latex of rubber trees. 

Medicinal plants and trees provide many health essential oils and  their medicinal properties cure many diseases. Spices are got from trees, the flowers that we use for our daily puja comes from trees; coconuts are got from coconut trees and so on. 

We would probably conquer this whole space if we start elaborating on the benefits we obtain from trees. So when trees are providing so much of our needs, to heighten our luxuries and simplify our living, why can’t we do something to them in return? 


Since the dawn of civilization, man has utilized nature for all his needs and today it has reached such an alarming level that it is at the verge of destruction. Forests are being destroyed and converted into commercial establishments.

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They are being exploited for gaining wood and other useful commodities in return for monetary gains. Such is the selfishness of man that he is not sparing the trees on the sides of big roads in cities. He is cutting down trees in big stretches to make way for huge flyovers and bridges to make his travel comfortable and less tedious.

 So what has happened is, we are witnessing alarming rise of pollution, shortage in food grain supplies, untimely rains, smog creation, depletion of the ozone layer causing cancer and other deadly diseases. 


It is time we get together, stand up and raise our voice against cutting down of trees. We should develop awareness amongst our citizens and encourage them to plant more trees in communities and neighborhoods. 

If cutting down a tree is essential, it should be done the legal way and no tree should be given permission to be cut down without strong reasons. 

We have to plant and nurture trees just like how we take care of our children. Trees are essential assets in the environment, they keep the atmosphere clean and maintain the delicate balance in the ecosystem. We get proper and timely rains only if there are plenty of trees around us. 


Vanamahotsav is a tree planting festival, a government initiative, which is celebrated all over India in the first week of July. 

The festival is carried out for almost a week where nature enthusiasts and tree conservationists come forward to plant more trees in their vicinity and help spread the word about conservation of trees and the need to plant more trees in each house.

 If each house member plants a tree in his premises, the world would look so much green and we too could enjoy our lives with sound and good health. 

The world would like a parched desert without the presence of trees and it is totally in our hands to care and nurture our mother earth, before it is too late!
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