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What is the procedure of liver transplant all about?

Liver is situated on the right side of our rib cage. It is known to perform a wide variety of functions and it does go on to break toxic substances such as alcohol. It is also responsible for the formation of chemical components which does help the blood to clot.

If a liver fails you do lose the ability to process nutrients along with blood clots needed for the rest of your life. It is also responsible for the formation of an excretive juice known as bile that tends to accumulate if the liver is not functioning in a proper manner.

More about liver transplantation

Liver transplantation is a procedure where the deceased or damaged liver is being replaced with a healthy one. This is a costly and a time consuming process and is only performed when the liver is in a bad shape.

People who are victims of chronic issues of the liver fall prey to this form of transplantation. In order to understand whether you are a candidate for the same things need to be taken pretty seriously. Before you opt for it you would need to consider the emotional, financial and physical aspects of this surgery. The two main points of consideration at this juncture are

  • The surgery is going to do more good than harm
  • Your condition is going to improve with the help of this transplant.
You cannot be considered a candidate for the same if you are suffering from any form of sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

The donors

In case of liver transplantation a couple of types of donors tend to emerge
  • Deceased donor- this transplantation is a sort of procedure which can be performed with the aid of someone who is not alive. In most case than not the entire portion of the liver is being used and this is in relation to adult recipients
  • Living donor- it is someone who is a living member in the family
The phase of preparation

This is an initial round of evaluation where the onus is to try and find out whether you are a candidate for this type of transplantation. Each and every patient is being evaluated by a herpetologist along with a surgeon. It is to be considered that it is a tiring appointment as it can stretch to an entire day.
  • On the day of appointment you would need a close relative or someone in your family to accompany you. By doing so they are provided the necessary information that is needed for the process of transplantation
  • Before any tests or procedures are performed you should refrain from any form of smoke or drink. This is to be done 12 hours before the surgery
  • Do carry along a snack along with medications needed
The best liver transplant surgeon in India has carved out a distinct name for themselves.  This is taking into account their experience along with skill sets. They have been part of numerous complex surgeries as well.
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