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How to detect if some website is mining cryptocurrency secretly using your system

Crypto mining using the browser is gaining a lot of popularity in the recent years. Earlier the system had received a heavy set back and was almost dead, but with new scripts and software as well as mobile apps being introduced this concept has again gained popularity. If you want to know more about the script for mining cryptocurrency via browser then click here on the mineralt.io website.

Mining of cryptocurrencies is an intensive activity and it can put a lot of loads and use a lot of your system resources. There are two major ways of bitcoin mining namely GPU and GPL. If the website that you are visiting, has a GPU miner running in the background then it leads to a substantial decrease in the performance of your computer. This software is introduced into your system with the help of small software and games. If the miner that is introduced into your system is a CPU only miner, then it will slow your system overall. There can be several different reasons for this performance issue but one of them can be a cryptocurrency miner which might be running in the background.

Some of the malware or scripts that mine cryptocurrencies are intelligent enough to utilize resources in a way that the system is not much affected and most of the times the user is not aware of the software running on his system. Such software is very much hard to detect. Even browser based scripts can be hidden and might work in a new hidden window instead of the active window making it difficult to trace.

If you doubt that you are facing performance issue in your system due to a crypto mining script, then you must remove any program that you have recently downloaded or is not important for your system. Also, do not keep downloads of software that you have not installed. Keep a check on the task manager to see the processes that are currently running and if you find some suspicious or unknown ones then check on internet about it. If you are not having a good anti-virus system on your machine, then it is highly recommended to buy a licensed version of an anti-virus and scan your PC. For browser-based mining, you can install several extensions available for Chrome and Mozilla browsers. Click here on mineralt.io to know more about crypto mining.

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