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Top 10 Reasons To Pursue ITIL Foundation Training For Beginners

With many people opting ITIL, this certification has become a talk of the town.  This is known to play an important role when it comes to supporting or managing as well as aligning the IT Service Management with the requirements of the business. It is basically a governing agent for IT, required for fulfilling the customer needs as well as requirements ensuring improvement of services. The significance of Knowledge as well as the mastery of ITIL can be assessed from the very fact that a plethora of organizations out there are making an investment in providing the training of the same. Here are Top 10 reasons to pursue ITIL Foundation training for beginners.
  1. Simplilearn’s knowledge and skill enhancing ITIL levels
The ITIL Foundation training is divided into five key levels illustrating differing degrees of mastery of the content. Level 1 is the ITIL Foundation, an entry level certification course that makes you familiar with the general concepts as well as elements and terminology that are used in the ITIL Service Lifecycle. Level 2 is the ITIL Practitioner that focuses on ways to start adapting as well as adopting the ITIL framework in day to day scenario. Level 3 is ITIL Intermediate consisting of different modules imparting knowledge about ITSM Level 4 is the ITIL Expert focusing on macro approach of ITIL Scheme. Level 5 is ITIL Master imparting a complete as well as comprehensive knowledge about the principles of ITIL. All these levels are determined to enhance your skillset thereby helping you to gain better command over the subject matter.
  1. Handsome salary and hikes
This certification if pursued today is going to reap you constant benefits. Apart from adding the required charm to your resume thereby making it more valuable, it is also going to fetch you better and more attractive job opportunities. This is considered to be one of the highest paying IT certifications. Not only do the certified professional earn a better salary but at the same time they are more susceptible to get hikes at the workplace in addition to the promotions in the designation they hold.
  1. Get the desired attention
The course will build confidence in you when it comes to your abilities as well as expertise and help you impress the employers. Being certified in the same will make you stand out of the crowd that consists of the non-certified professionals. The certificates makes employers confident and reliable on the skills you say you possess as the can see the certificates. It demonstrates your skills and vocational training perfectly. This will give employers a reason to invest in you.
  1. Secures the future
ITIL has become an integral part of a lot of sectors these days. Its popularity is assumed to only increase with the passage of time. There is no scope that the demand for the ITIL  certified professionals is going to diminish in the times to come. ITIL’s established and worthy principles are going to govern the modern technology as well as development trends for a long time from now. This certificate is therefore going to keep you prepared for the future. Be it the management or the service management, change management or other ITSM related areas, the demand is going to be more.
  1. Greater job roles to play
The different levels about which you get the thorough known how in the ITIL certification allows you to gain the expertise opening up doors of better and more job roles within as well as outside the organization. You will get proficient in many of the areas that will make you able to explore other fields also and allow you to multitask as well. The knowledge and the skillset that you attain here act as an attraction for the employers from diverse spheres of life.
  1. Globally acknowledged
ITIL  has one thing that distinguishes it from others, it is that this is one of the few certifications that is applicable globally. You can use the approaches and tricks that you have learnt here virtually anywhere. Most of the IT services rely on these strategies and concepts. ITIL professional have a great scope for their growth. The demand for the certified professionals understanding ITIL framework is continuously going to increase.
  1. Offers Flexibility
ITIL facilitates understanding of the inner-workings of the whole IT infrastructure making you flexible and more valuable for the varying organization. The higher certification level implies better job roles and greater opportunities.
  1. 8. Makes you credible
ITIL certification not only imparts knowledge to you but it also makes you more credible. Having mastered the  ITIL certification is in itself a great accomplishment as it is not a cup of tea for all.
  1. Offers better ROI
ITIL certified professionals are the first choice of the employers. One who is fully equipped in terms of knowledge enjoys the better  ROI as they are expected to bring with them the better innovative ideas and strategies to enhance efficient operations .
  1. Less effort and time required
Many a times, taking up different courses remains to be a question in mind of people as to the time, money and effort that they are going to invest in it. In this case, you need not be susceptible about wasting any of these because the certification is only going to benefit you in the times to come.

All in all, these are the Top 10 reasons to pursue ITIL Foundation training for beginners. When we come to the IT field, then the ITIL certification is assumed to be a factor that secures you credibility and thus better job opportunities. If you go in for investing your time and money in this certification today, then you will reap huge benefits for you in the time to come. Also, you will be able to take advantage at several places when it comes to competing with your non certified peers and you get to stand out of the crowd.
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