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Why You Should Always Get a Geotechnical Report Before Building On a Commercial Site

A geotechnical report is one that can provide real legal protection if there is a failure in your project due to a problem with the stability of your chosen building site. It also provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions that protect your monetary investment.

What is a Geotechnical Engineer?

A geotechnical engineer is a professional that can assess the conditions of a piece of land both on the surface and beneath the surface through a variety of observational and testing methods. It is essential to incorporate the analysis of a qualified geotechnical engineer before the start of any large building project if no other similar material exists for the specified plot of land. It is the geotechnical aspect that gives a firm understanding of the dynamics of action and reactions when building on certain types of soil and substrate.

Land Use Versus Soil, Water Tables, and Substrate Composition

You may have purchased a piece of land for development that is designated to use for commercial purposes, but is it safe to do so? A geotechnical report will break down all aspects of soil strength and compatibility for construction. The professional determination can assist in boosting safety through construction recommendations.

Avoid Catastrophic Problems

Beginning a large commercial building project without adequate knowledge of the stability of the earth beneath you can invite disaster. You can have a catastrophic failure in the foundation, hillside integrity, and shifting substrate from unknown open areas beneath your feet. High water tables can lead to major flooding or mudslides without adequate drainage and erosion control measures.

Incorporate Changes to Construction Planning

The geotechnical report helps a commercial building project in making the hard decisions necessary. It could mean completely scrapping the site and locating a new one, or simply making the necessary changes for successful construction.

The Dangers of Assuming Legal Consequences

Deciding to build without seeking the advice of a trained geotechnical engineer means assuming the legal responsibility if the choice is a bad one. You will then carry the legal responsibility for any injuries, deaths, or loss of property that happens due to a lack of information about the safety of the building site.

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