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15 Enchanting DIY Fairy Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that you easily set up in your backyard. They’re very enthralling to children and works great as whimsical additions to your outdoor garden.  Most people assume that creating a fairy garden is a tedious task that needs a lot of space and fairy garden accessories in Australia and plenty of imagination to make one that neighbors and children will like.

But, that’s not true at all. The truth is you can make fairy gardens in containers, flower beds, or even at the base of a tree. And you only need to have a little imagination and creativity on how to transform those abandoned garden containers into miniature magical worlds full of fairies. Making a fairy garden is easy and fun and you can get the whole family to get involved.

Here are 15 easy DIY fairy garden ideas that can make your boring backyard a little more exciting:

1. Miniature Flower Pot Fairy Garden

You can make this cute, multi-level fairy garden by filling up three different sizes of a flower pot with soil, decorative or ornamental rocks, and small plants.

2. Birdhouse Fairy Garden

You don’t a lot of stuff to create this dreamy fairy garden. All you need is a simple flower pot, two birdhouses, and a miniature fence.

3Miniature Fairy Garden

If marbles, gravel, or pebbles are your thing, then you can easily make this fairy garden. Just put your existing design skills and creative thoughts to good use.

4. Fairy House Planter

If you don’t have a lot of time or patience or lack enough space in your backyard, you might like this DIY fairy garden idea. Simply stick a playful fairy door on a terra cotta flower pot on your back porch.

5. Budget Fairy Garden

If you don’t want to spend too much on your fairy garden, but still fancy a stunning garden like the one in the picture, then go for it. You can make this garden in a galvanized tub and it costs us $38!

6. Planter Box Fairy Garden

If you find that one of your planter boxes are empty or full of scrubs, then transform it into this stunning, and beautiful garden.

7. Pinecone House Fairy Garden

This one will fare well for creative folks. Make the fairy house using dried pine cones and dried gourds for the birdhouse(s).

8. Wash Tub House Fairy Garden

If you’ve less space room in your backyard, you can transform your old wash tub into this adorable fairy garden. Use miniature trees, shrubs, mini succulent plants, porcelain mushrooms and more.

9. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Smashed your flower pot? Have a cracked flower pot lying around? Instead of throwing it away, why don’t take a second and think how you can it to make a perfect fairy garden?

10. Tree House Fairy Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a large tree in your backyard, turn the roots of the tree into a mystic getaway for fairies.

11.Tree Side Fairy Garden

This petite fairy home built into the side of a tree demands some serious curb appeal, no doubt.

12.Enchanted Fairy Garden

We all know Popsicle sticks are found in popsicles. They’re disposable, but did it ever occur to you that you can make a really whimsical fairy garden from Popsicle sticks?

13. Twinkling Fairy Garden

If you want to sprinkle a dose of excitement into your fairy garden, then we think this DIY fairy garden idea will make you glad. The tiny LED solar lights that are installed in this fairy garden look very enchanting, indeed. You can make your fairy garden even more appealing by putting a tiny vegetable garden and some succulent plants.

14. Seasonal Fairy Garden

Hate to see the same fairy garden over and over again every season? Then why don’t you consider giving your adorable miniature garden a makeover for each season? Change the theme of your fairy garden to summer theme during summers, winter themes in winters — you get the idea.

15. Summer Escape Fairy Garden

To recreate this fairy garden in your backyard, you need a few plants and some fairy garden accessories, a container, some potting soil, and a big dosage of creativeness and imagination.

Fairy gardens are cute, easy, and the kids really enjoy making them as they get a chance to do something outdoors. Fairy gardens become really popular as a way to decorate and accessorize your mini garden or backyard. So, what are you waiting for? Try these DIY fairy garden ideas now!

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