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How To Dress Patiala Salwar Suits According To Occasions

Patiala is a beautiful place in Punjab, the land of high note spices and loud joyful culture. The shadow of their taste and clothing can be seen in their personality as well. Punjabis are known for their loud and lavish lifestyle and their clothes are the significant examples of their fashion.

They love bright colours and welcome on-trend staples of the market.

They love to experiment a lot.

There are many types of accessories on their list and they know the best how to do the mix and matching of traditional accessories and western dresses. So, today, we are going to learn some helpful tips to dress Patiala salwar on various occasions.

Right Accessory Is Necessary

If you are not certain what to wear with Patiala suit and salwars suits then you can freely choose lavish jewellery as more they are loud, more they are doing good to the Punjabi dress. Be it paranda, kalire, chooda, Nath or nose pin chandeliers or jhumka and maang tikka, all these are the epitome of beauty when adorning Patiala suits. You need to be very specific about the accessories when wearing and can’t mix-match just anyone you like. If you are wearing large earrings and maang tikka for the wedding, avoid wearing the necklace otherwise it will be too much extravagant.

Punjabi Jutti

You can’t complete the Punjabi look without having storage of Punjabi juttis. Buy Patiala salwar suits online and don’t forget to pair it with juttis which are available in various colours, designs, additional materials such as ghungroo or bells, tassels, patchwork and etc. They enhance the beauty of every woman by simply putting more colours and traditional touch of the Punjab state.

Originally originated from the creative designers of Punjab, the pair of juttis has gained fame across the world as well. And now people are admiring it to wear with western and Indo-western dresses as well.

Paranda Is On The Top

If you are attending any special event like wedding, sangeet, reception, birthday party or New Year grand party, choose a pair of paranda and wear it with your favourite Patiala Suits. Available in bright lush colours, these paradas are the epitome of the beauty of Punjabi fashion line. They also come with ghungroos or bells and various types of materials. Buy Patiala salwar suits and don’t forget to buy the right traditional regional accessories to grab the perfect attention.

Not To Forget Chandeliers

Do not forget to wear the right pair of earrings and buy chandeliers and jhumkis. Try lavish and big jhumkis or chandeliers with the no-necklace look. This time, show-off a little more with your beauty bone and your high class choice of dressing up Patiala suits.

If you are agreeing on this point and wish to try some new accessories and beauty hacks with Patiala suits, go with the royal eye makeup and bold lipstick. After all, a good touch up with a high class fashion sense is all that everyone needs.

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