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Facts You May Not Know About Bail

There are many ways to look at bail, and most people get the facts surrounding the surety bond wrong. While it is a financial payment made to the courts to guarantee the freedom of the person that was arrested, there is often much more to the program than that. Here are some lesser known facts about bail that you probably didn’t know.

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1. Bail Bonds

Not everyone is entitled to bail or release from jail. If you are considered a flight risk or have no ties to the area, bail could be denied, and you could find yourself staying overnight in jail.

2. Bail Hunters

Yes, there really are bounty or bail hunters in the world. The specially trained and authorized individuals have the right to cross state lines and arrest the fleeing felon, even on Sunday. The law also says the tracker can break into the residence or living area of the hunted person.

3. Bail Secrets

Although you may be able to find a company that provide bail bonds Allentown PA, if you live in Kentucky, Oregon, Illinois, or Wisconsin, you will not find any bail companies to help you. Bail bonds businesses are illegal in those states.

4. Bail Systems

There are only two countries in the whole world that have a bail system that is a commercial enterprise. The first is the United States, except for the four states where it is prohibited, and the second country that allows bail bond businesses is the Philippines.
If you are ever arrested, bail can be a way for you to deposit money with the court that allows you to go home and return to your job. Bail amounts can vary greatly – from minor infractions of a few hundred dollars to grievous felonies that take millions of dollars. You will almost always be charged 10 percent of the total bail amount.

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