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Choosing A Handgun

When choosing what model handgun you want to own, you should consider some key factors. Think about the amount of time you will use the gun. Decide if you will be using it as a concealed carry weapon or if you will just be target shooting with it. Different models will offer unique specs that can affect the overall performance of the gun. Here are two different variations of guns to consider before buying.
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When choosing the style of a handgun, size can be a major factor. For a concealed carry gun, looking at the compact has multiple options. Different caliber sizes are available, but many will lean toward ones with smaller styled bullets. Those who conceal carry are looking for something small but effective. With a compact gun, you can carry the weapon almost anywhere on your body, making it a prime style for concealment. This style of handgun is small but may affect overall long-range performance. Keep in mind that with smaller guns, the barrel and grip are normally shorter as well. The barrel length can affect your accuracy, while the grip can alter the way you hold the gun causing it to be harder to steady and fire.


The full-size handgun can be a perfect gun for around the house or target practicing. Handguns such as the Glock 9mm can offer a common caliber for a shooting range. When practicing with a bigger handgun, it will help you perfect your technique of shooting. A longer barrel can add increased accuracy. The medium-sized bullet will not give as much recoil after the shot, which means having a large handgrip can offer a steadier hold when lining up your sights.
Deciding what handgun to purchase can be a tough decision. Knowing the size gun you want, before you get to the store, can help make your choice a quick one.

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